Music Schedule:

Inside Stage:
Spinster                             12pm
Sunsap                              430pm
Over Easy                        6pm
Caney Village                 730pm
The Molly Maguires    9pm
Dead Testaments        1030pm
Ashley & The Xs           12am
Tryezz                                1am

Outside Stage:
Our Bluegrass Brunch Showcase featuring Matt Downer, Owen Saunders, Heather Leigh Holt       3pm
Kerchief                                   530pm
Monday Night Social         7pm
Slim Pickins                           830pm
Danimal Planet                     10pm
Strung Like a Horse            11pm

Special Performances from:
Sidewalk Stages Buskers all day on Parkway
The Highlanders Pipes & Drums 530pm on Parkway
The Chattanooga Fire Brigade 930pm on Parkway